What’s Up Flamers,

Raziq Brown here with a brand newish issue of VLF. A lot has happened since our last post– some of us got new jobs, some of us started new schools, I went Africa, and GA happened. In that time we here at VLF know we left a gaping spiritual hole in your virtual lives. Well, we’re back, and we’re gonna do our damnest to stay back. We even have new writers who will be posting throughout the month, so put your hands together for—

Sarah Caine

Jeremy Ritzman

John Bailey

Sama’an Ibrahim Ashwari

and last but not least Rianna Johnson-Levy

This month doesn’t have a theme and covers a broad range of topics, plus we’re still making updates and improvements to site.

So stay tuned.

As always we’d like to thank you for being patient and we love you for reading.

Live the Faith, Live the Flame,
VLF Staff

What is ViveLeFlame.Com?

Vive Le Flame is a Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Blog. Vlog, and Dating Site. Okay, so it’s not a dating site, but it’s almost as cool. Vive Le Flame is a blog created by an ever expanding community of UU Young Adult Writers.

What are we writing about?

Our crazy lives and how our faith influences it.

Together we will bring you “Spiritual Maybe Religious” content.


What Does Vive Le Flame Mean?

Vive Le Flame doesn’t mean anything actually. Vive La Flamme, on the other hand, means “Live the Flame” in French.

Raziq misspelled la so it ended up le, and we used flame instead flamme because it sounded snazzier, we’re too lazy to change it so… forgive our french.

The purpose of this site is to try and reignite the inner flames inside Young Adult UUs. If not that maybe it can be a cool site for people to look at.

Vive Le Foi! Vive Le Flamme!
Live the Faith! Live the Flame!


  • Rev Kate Landis

    Yea! Psyched about the site, especially hearing from the genius Rianna Johnson-Levy- she is so insightful. Go VLF!

    July 26 2013
    • Elizabeth

      Thank you so much for this site.

      August 23 2012
      • Alice King

        I’m wondering if/how we would get permission to use this at our PSWD Young Adult Camp as part of the covenant group material for this year. We wouldn’t use all of it but certain stories/writings would be very useful, especially since they are written by young adults, for young adults.
        Will you let me know? Thank you.
        Alice King
        PS–Julia Shue, if you are in PSWD again, you could totally go. There are scholarships.

        August 16 2012
        • Karen Brammer

          Inspiring. I will pass your link on! and read when I can. Thank you all.

          July 05 2012

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